Vlora Real Estate – Mediterranean Property Paradise, Albania

May 27, 2020

The journey into the famous Albanian Riviera begins in Vlora, the meeting point between the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, and one of the largest coastal cities of Albania. The distance from the country’s capital, Tirana, is 135 Kilometers, while it is only 72 km. from Italy and 77 miles from Greece. Vlora’s position guarantees a large circulation of local and foreign tourists, who favor the city because of its magnificent beauty.

Beautiful waters, lush forests, and historic monasteries of the Zvërnec and Sazan islands, the popular Orikum beach, the spectacular island of Karaburun, and the Lagoon of Narta, housing the country’s richest flora and fauna are only some!

Vlore is experiencing a building rush with hotels, shopping centres, and residential buildings going up. Some have been built haphazardly, or were never finished. You can find front line apartments for sale in Vlora Albania with full sea view for 800 Euros/m2. In the Lungomare area, prices range from 800Euros / m2 to  1000Euros / m2. Radhima and Orikum offer cheaper housing opportunities compared to the coastal villages farther south. Based on the offers listed in Radhima, the average apartment cost is Euro 700 per square meter. Meanwhile, the prices in Orikum vary between Euro 450 and Euro 500 depending on the distance to the beach.
The good thing about the real estate market in Vlora and other coastal villages is that they are not as expensive as the realty property on the other coast of the Ionian or Adriatic seas.