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Bridge-YourHome software is built for real estate agencies in Albania of all sizes and for anyone wanting to sell, rent or buy a property.

The system offers cutting edge sales process management, property management, and automation for real estate agents, real estate developers, and brokerage firms. It provides automatic feeds to the Client and Agent, simplifying communications between the client, agent, and property developer in Albania.

Get more advanced access control, informative dashboards, and bring home more property deals with the all-in-one real estate software platform that’s crafted for your goals.

What is a real estate software?

Bridge- YourHome software is a system that meets the needs and requirements of real estate agents, firms, and individuals. From managing incoming requests to preparing price quotes, to selling a property, the system takes care of the end-to-end process management for real estate agencies and individuals, with dynamic capabilities on both desktop and mobile.

The type of properties we handle include, indicatively the following:

  • Residential properties – Houses, Apartments, and Buildings
  • Holiday Homes – Villas and Bungalows
  • Shops and Offices
  • Land, Plots & Fields
  • Warehouses and Industrial Properties
  • Projects for investors

All you need to do is list your property on your dedicated space and upload all the details of the properties online. You can post a complete property list that you may have because yes, it is unlimited. Bridge-YourHome shares it’s virtual “home” with you at only EUR 20.

Anyone, whether you are a broker, builder, owner looking to sell house online, BYH seller platform is for you to benefit the most.

This is your chance to get your property listing focused to ensure maximum visibility among genuine buyers and tenants. So start posting listings for renting out a property. If you are looking forward for home sale online, then BYH is the only real estate marketplace where you get to gain more than you think.

Our real estate software in Albania is the easiest way you can opt to sell property or rent a house. If you were looking at cheap property listing sites, worry no more as we ensure that all you need to do is sit back comfortably while we help you reach your audience and sell property online.

Enjoy a whole new experience with Bridge-YourHome!



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